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A welcome message from David's Book Launch Director, Amber Vilhauer:

WELCOME FRIENDS! David and I are so excited to connect! If you’re new to David, he is a highly-respected author in the business and marketing space. Below you will find options for how you can support David’s launch… and it’s MY job to make sure we come up with creative opportunities for YOU to get a lot more exposure for your business during his launch because my #1 priority as a Book Launch Director is to create powerful win-wins. FIRST, I’d like you to really understand the concepts in the book, so please take a few minutes and watch this video to learn what David’s PROFIT FIRST book is all about:
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How This Launch Relates To You...

We know it’s YOU that business owners need most. If we arm you with the latest and most innovative information that creates business transformation then you can impact a greater amount of individuals. If there’s one thing to know about David, he’s rooted in total goodness.

For now, we have one small ask: Bookmark this page (you’ll want to keep coming back to it!) and keep your eyes open for email communication from me.

I highly respect your time, so I won’t send you unnecessary updates, but you will want to be alert when I send you time-sensitive opportunities that allow you to WIN through our launch process. More to come!

Amber Vilhauer
Book Launch Director

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We are working hard to systematize several options for your involvement including live streaming, podcasting, viral activities, and more. Amber will notify you when all options are available for your review!

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David is available to co-host a 15-minute live Stream during launch week. Contact Amber below if you’d like to leverage this opportunity to gain more exposure for your brand and serve your audience in powerful ways.


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Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First System works so well in any field, and David Richter has masterfully applied it to the Real Estate Investing industry in his new book #ProfitFirstForREI. All real estate investors need to read and apply this! LINK.

#ProfitFirstForREI by David Richter contains the exact steps you need to take to achieve financial freedom with your real estate investing business. This is real-world, actionable advice that you won’t find anywhere else. Check it out here: LINK.

David Richter is a true expert in the Real Estate Investing industry, and his methods for applying the Profit First System to a real estate investing company are incredible. Try them for yourself by reading and applying the information in his new book #ProfitFirstForREI. You won’t be disappointed with the results: LINK.

David Richter has closed over 850 deals in his real estate career, and he knows exactly how to manage the financial side of real estate investing. He will show you exactly how to get more deals and keep more profits for yourself in his brand new book #ProfitFirstForREI. LINK.

#ProfitFirstForREI contains so many great insights and action steps that any real estate investor can follow to improve their cash flow, get more deals, and gain financial freedom. Check it out today and see for yourself! LINK.


#ProfitFirstForREI by David Richter is full of no-nonsense, real-world advice that you can apply to your real estate investing company to increase profitability, scale, and more! Check it out today: LINK

Tired of living deal to deal? Then check out #ProfitFirstForREI by David Richter! He’ll show you how to apply the Profit First system to your real estate investing company for more financial success! LINK

If you want simple action steps for major financial success in your real estate investing business, then #ProfitFirstForREI by David Richter is the book for you! Check it out here: LINK

Email #1 – Longer Form

Subject Line Ideas

Tired of living deal to deal?

Implement THIS and never worry about money again!

How To Profit First In Your Real Estate Investing Business

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Are you tired of living deal to deal in your real estate investing business?

Are you sick of scrambling to cover payroll, taxes, and bills?

Do you wish you never had to worry about money ever again?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you need to check out “Profit First for Real Estate Investing” by my good friend, David Richter.

==> [BUY NOW] Learn How To Profit First In Your Real Estate Investing Business

David is an active real estate investor with over 850 closed deals under his belt and the founder of Simple CFO Solutions, LLC.

He helps investors like yourself to keep the profits they’ve earned, build cash reserves, and achieve true financial freedom in their lives.

And in his new book, he’ll show you the exact step-by-step formula to successfully implement the world-famous Profit First system in your real estate investing business.

When you follow his advice, you will create a healthier, more profitable business with less stress.

==> [BUY NOW] Learn How To Profit First In Your Real Estate Investing Business

It’s David’s mission to completely transform the Real Estate Investing industry, and with a book as good as this one, he will be well on his way!

Trust me, this is a must-read for any real estate investor who wants to achieve the financial success they’ve always dreamed about.

Just click here to order your copy of “Profit First for Real Estate Investing” today.

Enjoy the read and best of luck for the future!


Email #2 – Shorter Form

Subject Line Ideas

Struggling with profitability and cash flow?

Profit First and Still Cover Costs!

How to get more deals and profit first.

Body Copy


Do you have a proven system in your real estate investing business that ensures positive cash flow and profitability?

If you don’t, then you’ve got to check out David Richter’s brand new book, “Profit First for Real Estate Investing”.

Using his experience from closing over 850 real estate deals, he will show you how to successfully implement Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First system to your real estate investing company to:

  • Pay yourself first while still being able to cover taxes, payroll, and bills
  • Get out of the low-profit rut you’re stuck in and see real growth
  • Experience the financial freedom you signed up for when getting into real estate
  • Get more real estate deals
  • And much more.

The Profit First system has already been used by countless entrepreneurs in many industries to great success!

It can bring you incredible results in your real estate investing company as well; you just have to follow David’s simple step-by-step advice in the book.

If you’re sick of struggling to make ends meet and are ready to start financially thriving in your business and life, this is the book for you.

It’s time for you to Profit First NAME!

Just click here to order your copy of “Profit First for Real Estate Investing” today.

If you enjoy the book and the incredible results it brings, please help me and David to share the book with #ProfitFirstForREI.

We’d really appreciate it!




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