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We will make sure your business is recession-proof, so you can sleep well at night knowing another market crash won’t hurt you. We’ll help give you the confidence in your numbers and the reports you need to make faster, better business decisions. We will also help you put a system in place to automate your profit and will also help you maximize your profit. How can we serve you?

David Richter, Founder

David Richter is an active real estate investor who has been essential in closing over 850 deals which include wholesale, turnkey, brrrr, owner finance, rentals, lease options, and any other exit strategy you can think of. While growing and building a real estate business from 5 deals a month to over 25 deals a month, he realized that as much money was coming in, it was going right out. With the unique opportunity of being in every seat as a real estate investor, he found a calling to the company’s finance seat to help them see where their money was really going. David has helped real estate companies completely turn around from going out of business to building cash reserves through his profit advising company Simple CFO Solutions, LLC. His goal in life is to completely transform the Real Estate Investing industry when it comes to how real estate investors view their finances and – bring them true financial clarity and freedom.
“People Don’t Care How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care” – Theodore Roosevelt
How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

John Cruz, COO

John Cruz, Executive Assistant of Simple CFO Solutions, has one goal in life, to make every experience throughout our entire process to be above and beyond expectations. He is committed to excellence and to making sure that every entrepreneur we work with grows and succeeds. He has been in the real estate industry for over 3 years and has worn many different hats from acquisitions manager, property manager, and bookkeeper just to name a few. He has been a good friend of David for many years now.
"David and the team at Simple CFO Solutions have made a big impact on our real estate investing business (flipping, wholesaling, and buy & holds). They put in place new systems, trained our bookkeeper on them, transitioned us to QuickBooks, and for the first time made us accountable for our finance. The team handled our complex and unique situations with ease and were extremely accessible and responsive. I would highly recommend them to any real estate investor looking to get a better handle on their financials."

- Ben Wagner, Globalized Realty

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