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Less Stress, More Profit for the Serious Real Estate Investor: Building a Recession-Proof Business

David Richter, Founder

Are you embarrassed to talk with other entrepreneurs, friends, or your spouse about your business because you don’t know your numbers? Do you have a meeting to discuss your numbers on a regular basis? Do you have a system that automates your profitability? Would your business be able to handle another economic recession? If you are hustling and grinding every day to get your deals, systematizing your business to run without you and doing everything you possibly can to make it work, then you OWE it to your family, your business, your employees, and YOURSELF to be less stressed, have confidence in your finances, and harness a system that not only MAKES you more profitable but also helps you KEEP that PROFIT which is the hard-earned money in your bank account that comes in after you have worked your fool head off making deals. As the owner of Simple CFO Solutions, I am on a mission to bring massive value to entrepreneurs in helping them be confident in their finances and be more profitable. That is the whole point of this book. I want to bring simplicity, clarity, stability, and systematization to your Profit, Finances, and Business.
"David and the team at Simple CFO Solutions have made a big impact on our real estate investing business (flipping, wholesaling, and buy & holds). They put in place new systems, trained our bookkeeper on them, transitioned us to QuickBooks, and for the first time made us accountable for our finance. The team handled our complex and unique situations with ease and were extremely accessible and responsive. I would highly recommend them to any real estate investor looking to get a better handle on their financials."

- Ben Wagner, Globalized Realty

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