Shifting From the Hustle Mindset to the Business Mindset with TJ Kosen

Life won’t always go as planned and sometimes you’ll find yourself in the middle of a tunnel, not knowing what to do. If you feel like you’re in that exact spot in life now, you have to listen to this episode! 

Today, we have TJ Kosen on the show to give us more insight and wisdom when it comes to running a real estate investment business and how to get back up when life knocks you down – figuratively and literally. 

TJ Kosen is a Dallas-based real estate investor who is actively wholesaling, wholetailing, and flipping properties, while helping more investors grow and make the most out of their real estate businesses through the Platinum Real Estate Mastermind.

He is taking us through his real estate investing journey, the journey through his real estate finances, learning how to walk again, and the life lessons he has learned along the way.

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[01:08] How did TJ get into real estate?

[01:50] TJ’s real estate journey

[02:55] Working with property management companies

[03:42] Dealing with a crash in the economy

[05:30] Dealing with a foreclosure sale

[06:35] TJ’s general approach in business

[07:20] How TJ got into wholesaling, wholetailing, flipping

[08:00] Moving to Texas

[08:55] The big accident

[10:40] How the accident worked out for TJ

[11:20] The learning experience from the accident

[14:10] TJ’s take on business finances

[14:32] The hustle phase

[15:14] Understanding the profit first model

[16:08] The shifting of market dynamics

[16:37] What to do to make your business last

[17:32] Shifting from the hustle mindset to the business mindset

[18:04] What do you do with your numbers? 

[19:35] TJ’s advice for real estate investors

[20:06] Falling in love with the process

[21:07] What is TJ up to?


“We don’t like learning experiences because that means that we did something wrong. They’re inevitable in business, but we look at it as an opportunity to really meet the problem head on and address it fully.”

“People think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. When you’re in the middle of the tunnel, sometimes, there’s a train coming to hit you too. But I guarantee, whatever it is, whether it’s a light at the end or a train coming to hit you, it’s always better to be coming towards it at full speed with your solutions than running and hiding from it.”

“You can hustle your way to some financial success, but you can’t hustle your way into a business that’s operational and repeatable.”

“When you shift from the hustle mindset to the business mindset, all the operations stuff and all the numbers becomes so important.”

“A lot of people know their numbers, but not all people know what to do with them.”

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