The Profit First REI Podcast Wealth Building discussion with John Dwyer

Are you at a point where you are making money in your business, and you’d like to know how you can invest that money to get better results? This episode is for you.

Today on the show, I have John Dwyer joining me to talk about everything money. He is a financial advisor, and he runs Rock Financial Group. John takes your profit to a new level, making sure you are keeping a lot more of your money by getting systems in place.

In this episode, John will be sharing how we can invest to get better results. Also, he will tell us about some mindset barriers that affect most real estate investors.

Are you ready to learn? Listen to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[01:40] What got John started in the financial advisory world

[08:10] How to invest your money to get better results

[19:53] Mindset barriers that most real estate investors have

[25:10] General money strategies that we may not know about

Quotable Quotes:

“We have to pay tax on our income. Everything else that we do with our money, Canada will create and generate voluntary taxation.”

“The reason why most people are saving , working hard, grinding and doing the things is that someday, they can no longer turn their time in for someone else’s dollar, but have their dollars generate cash flow and work for them.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, what my asset value is, it’s more important what I can spend.”

“The institutions have the rules, we just have to know how to play the game to benefit us.”

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